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Cipria Weekly Flavour#9

Posted on Gen 23, 2017 by in Cipria Weekly Flavour | 0 comments

Federica di Backflip Record Store ha dei dischi da consigliarci. Settimanalmente godremo dei suoi suggerimenti all’interno della rubrica Cipria Weekly Flavour.

Riccardo Schirò Aqua

ARTIST: Riccardo Schirò
Born in Sicily in a multicultural thoroughfare facing the Mediterranean, passionate philosophy scholar and voracious record collector, Riccardo Schirò is an artist who embodies eclecticism.
He has shaped his spontaneous and original approach to electronic music, smoothly shifting
across genres both in djing and production, always trying to trace the origin of rhythm in a wide range of musical traditions. This continuous research has lead him to start Gravity Graffiti, a label clearly oriented towards the spiritual, healing side of dance music. His previous project under the moniker of Richeart showed his personal take on house music, mixing jazz influences and mechanical rhythms. He keeps on searching for the perfect blend of sounds through his synthesizers’ potential: this path got him to explore deep sea ambiance and its underwater voices in “Aqua” on Periodica Records and now drives him into fusion sonorities both in his trio and solo projects.

“Aqua” is an exploration through the submarine worlds, catching sounds from the seabed, experiencing life like an aquatic creature.
Grab it here

RELEASED BY: Periodica Records
A related project to Early Sound Recordings.
Quality Italian music makers & lovers.



YEAR: 2016

Deep Sea, underwater, synthesizers, blending sounds & rhythms, field recording

Electronic | Experimental | Sound Design
Nu Disco

Riccardo Schirò


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