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Cipria Weekly Flavour#6

Posted on Dic 26, 2016 by in Cipria Weekly Flavour | 0 comments

Federica di Backflip Record Store ha dei dischi da consigliarci. Settimanalmente godremo dei suoi suggerimenti all’interno della rubrica Cipria Weekly Flavour.

ARTIST: The Crowns Of Glory
Consisting of three male and three female singers, they had a deep, yet funky, sound to their music.

TITLE: Won’t It Be Grand
The interaction between the lead, the harmonies, and the instrumentation makes this cut soul perfection.
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RELEASED BY: Play Back Records
Playback Records is a specialist reissue label based in Australia.
They pride themselves in issuing esoteric albums or compilations that are too niche-interest for other labels to bother with.



YEAR: 2016

Classic Gospel | Billy J. Shepherd | Bill Withers | Debra Body | Gladys Knight | Curtis Mayfield

Soul | Gospel


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