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Cipria Weekly Flavour#14

Posted on Feb 21, 2017 by in Cipria Weekly Flavour | 0 comments

Federica di Backflip Record Store ha dei dischi da consigliarci. Settimanalmente godremo dei suoi suggerimenti all’interno della rubrica Cipria Weekly Flavour.

RDY 16

ARTIST: Ron Hardy

TITLE: R.D.Y. #16
And the deeply-dug RDY heritage series continues….
We kick off with K Alexi (another bona fide Chicago pioneer) a proper warehouse document that chops and slaps with a splice, diced sample of Hardy’s “Sensation”. Contrast couldn’t get much higher as we move to Hardy’s own edit of Greg Perry. Dreamy, delicate, full of jazz soul and largely beatless, it still smoulders with emotion almost 30 years on. Finally we hit the straight-up proto techno vibes of “Drum Track 1”. A fine DJ tool or a slice of minimal 808 madness on its own; it’s the very essence of Chicago’s 4/4 roots and indeed Hardy’s legacy.
Grab it here

RELEASED BY: Not On Label (Ron Hardy) 



YEAR: 2014

Chicago | Soul

House | Chicago House | Edits

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