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Cipria Weekly Flavour#13

Posted on Feb 14, 2017 by in Cipria Weekly Flavour | 0 comments

Federica di Backflip Record Store ha dei dischi da consigliarci. Settimanalmente godremo dei suoi suggerimenti all’interno della rubrica Cipria Weekly Flavour.


ARTIST: Tommaso Cappellato
Drummer, composer, producer, selector. Founder of Aforemention Solo, Astral Travel, The Tommaso Cappellato Orchestra.

TITLE: Aforemention
Tommaso’s fascination for sounds outside the jazz realm led him to this new project ‐ asking himself what would happen if he created alone, embracing everything from inspirations to moments of randomness and finding his own musical identity in that process. Using drums, analog synths and his own voice, Tommaso has created a body of work that evokes inner spaces, outer realms and new ideas.
‘Aforemention’ takes in all of Tommaso’s past experiences and sees him creating a one‐man journey through sound. He is joined on the album by three guests ‐ legendary drummer Victor Lewis provides spoken word on ‘Team Ball’ to introduce the album; Inglewood, CA native and Solange‐collaborator Nia Andrews vocals the ode to freedom ‘Fly’ and Detroit/NYC vocalist Dulcinea Detwah brings freeform hip hop verse to ‘Get Set Free’. Everything else you hear is performed solo by Tommaso Cappellato.
Grab it here

RELEASED BY: Mental Groove Records | Mashibeats


CAT: MG-120 | MB-003

YEAR: 2017

Jazz, Spiritual, Senegal, Techno, Hip Hop, Drums, Analog Synth, Voice, Inner Space

Future Jazz | New Soul | Beats | Electronic | Experimental

Tommaso Cappellato

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